What is a Business Incubator or Business Accelerator?

These “companies’ companies” have begun to emerge in the 1980s in the United States, where we accounted a dozen, now a hundred is there. However we note the recent acceleration of the creation of business incubator in universities and more generally public institutions such as the Obama Administration in the White House. The goal is to play the role of a high quality mentor for people with the will and ideas to innovate but for which the administration or red tape has become a too specialized environment.

Give me an example of a successful company using a business incubator?

Toronto Business Development Centre founded in 1990 sees attend, on average, each year 4,500 companies with the creation of a huge amount of jobs. Bento Nouveau Sushi Company using the services of this business Accelerator has grown to reach 800 employees throughout Canada and even American continent and thereby become the largest sushi company in Canada.

What are the guarantees of success?

Unfortunately we cannot predict the future, we cannot promise you that your idea is good and you get to grow your business as well as the largest firms in the world, yet it is what we you wish. Nevertheless, using us, you guarantee yourself not to make technical odd as regards administration, incorporation and development of your company. Very serious National Business Incubation Association recognises that 87% of companies that have built a Business Incubator remain on the market as opposed to 44% of companies who undertake to make the trip alone.

What is the relationship between PEPIT ‘CLUB and me?

We simply serve of support. In fact, when you rent our offices you act alone, you’ll be the master of all your decisions, but the subscription at PEPIT ‘CLUB gives you the opportunity to become membership and gives you access to all the services from the best PEPI’ CLUB partners.

How long will I be in your offices?

The development of a business is very random, some companies will have to leave quickly for lack of space, indeed because of the development many people want to be involved and our local can no longer afford too many people. Other companies, however, can stay as much longer as they want. The National Business Incubation Association estimates that companies remain in business incubation for an average of 3 to 5 years.

What is your salary? Do you take a percentage of our turnover?

No, our compensation is based solely on your needs. Only offices are payable monthly, as all rentals. In contrast, the services you need throughout our professional are paid based on what you ask. No percentage will be punctured on your turnover. It is a principle of “pay as you go” service.

How is the selection of companies?

The major advantage that should contain your company or idea is to be innovative. The second asset that we are looking for is the ambition and enthusiasm, because we think it is 60% of your success. Each idea submitted by you is examined by a committee that selects the most advanced and innovative ideas that give us hope for a more likely success.

The best way to know if your idea is mature enough or not is to let us know, we will tell you our advices and recommendations for the future. Come and have a coffee with us, we will be glad to discuss about your project and to give you tips for the future.

Where is PEPIT ‘CLUB?

We are located in Ashford in Kent, international city where many companies are formed to ensure proximity to major European cities by highway (M20), Eurostar (London, Paris, Brussels) and major international airports (Gatwick, Stansted, Heathrow, southend)

What are the opening PEPIT ‘CLUB hours?

Our services are open 24/7 to give you the opportunity to work whenever you want.

Who are the people working in your offices?

Mainly startups and our services such as the world Link to the trust and Noble Standing for human resources. This mixture, startup and confirmed services provides a work environment where you can share your experiences with others startup and your ideas and questions with our services. However our law firm is based in London.